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'Empathy and Eyebrows': Why Your Bounce-Back Game Needs to be on Point

Before she was known for her controversial antics on Bridezillas and her apperance on the first season of Marriage Boot Camp, Danni Starr was already a seasoned radio personality who'd been hustling in the industry since the age of 19. Like everyone else, she has a story to tell, and, man, is it a good one. 

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10 Laws of Power That Kanye West Has Seemingly Mastered

"No one man should have all that power."--Kanye West

If you don't have a copy of Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power, I suggest you add it to your library.  The book is dense. It is filled with old age wisdom from a new aged approach.  You'll read stories that support the observances of each law as well as anecdotes that break many of the lessons down into easy to grasp and understand messages.

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