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It's Pop Up Season

What better way to satiate your retail appetite and support up-and-coming small businesses than to visit and shop Pop-Up style. Spring has spring, and so has the new pop-up shop curated by Femme Fetal DC.

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Ladies in the Industry Conference

No two women are created alike, and it's our differences that will allow us to create our version of success in our lives. That was my major take-away after attending the Ladies in the Industry Networking Conference curated by Serene MGMT and held at the Sheraton in Silver Spring.

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Do It #ForTheCuture

In the midst of Black History Month (or is it African American History Month?), the city of Washington, D.C. celebrated with numerous activities and events that applauded the achievements and accomplishments of many distinguished members of the community. We are also lucky to be in an area that abounds with cultural creativity and excellence. The event #forthecuture made sure to highlight some of the DMV's massive amount of talent.

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Election 2016

I believe in the construct of the American democratic process, but I didn't always understand it. Growing up in a Jamaican household, politics wasn't really discussed, as far as  I can remember. I had a hard time because of this in history classes in high school, so much so that I told myself that I hated history. In fact it bored me, and I just couldn't relate to it. It didn't make sense to me. It wasn't until college where I was able to form my own curriculum that I gained an appreciation and love of history. When I moved to Washington, it became vital that I informed myself on all things government related, just to get through the day.

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#WeVote - A Millennial Conversation

Thanks to a good friend, I was able to attend the #WeVote - A Millennial Conversation and Panel Discussion yesterday at Bonfire DC.  The invitation read: #WeVote has invited the DNC to join a "Millennial Conversation" on the intersection of politics and hip-hop and the critical issues facing young black people in 2016.  To say I was thrilled to attend is an understatement. 

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Call to Action-Let's Act

With the news of yet another unarmed black person in America gunned down, seeminly senselessly and in plain sight by the police, I've sat in an almost numb reflection since I learned the news. Terence Crutcher's life has now been reduced to another hashtag, another t-shirt is on its way, but yet and still we can't seem to remedy something that has been marched and protested over countless times in recent years.

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