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7 Things I Learned In My First Year of Blogging

It's true that a lot can happen in a year. What's even truer is that you can LEARN so much in a year. So, on the one year mark of starting this blogging journey, I thought I'd throw out 7 things I've learned since starting this blog. Some are functional things while others are more personal. When you step into a new lane, there might be traffic, speed bumps and detours. Hopefully this list with help you along on your trip (see what I did there).

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T-Pain x Lil Wayne: TWayne

Well, here it is: the "highly anticipated" release of the collaborative album by home state hero (Florida) T-Pain and Louisiana's own Lil Wayne entitled "TWayne". Apparently this collab has been teased since my haydays, 2009 to be exact, but at the time, I was more concerned with size charts, fitting rooms and color coded closets (I used to manage retail at 12+ hour days, so forgive me).

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Weekend Round-Up

Been too busy to keep up with the good news of the week? Look no further: I'll attempt to give you some stories from the week that were either inspiring or good topics of conversation for your date Saturday night or brunch with the crew on Sunday. Let me know if you like the idea, and I'll do my best to make it a weekly thing.

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