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N.E.R.D’s ‘No One Ever Really Dies’: A Review

Similar to Jazz Music of the past, which was often criticized for it’s unpredictable composition and perceived lack of classical musical structure, this album can come across frenetic and disjointed. For me, this is exactly why there is almost a hidden genius behind the boards. 

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10 Reasons Why Inclusion in the Arts is Vital

The calm after the awards season is here, and I had many thoughts on what I saw and did see during this time. And while Chance the Rapper won 3 Grammys without a label, and Moonlight won the Oscar for Best Picture, I still couldn't shake lasts year's #OscarsSoWhite sentiment. Not that this is new, but what we witnessed this years seemed to be a more concerted effort at inclusion than ever before which left me slightly conflicted yet hopeful.  Adele beat out Beyoncé, and Denzel didn't win for Lead Actor again, but we still had glimpses of a more fair and well rounded selection process.

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Election 2016

I believe in the construct of the American democratic process, but I didn't always understand it. Growing up in a Jamaican household, politics wasn't really discussed, as far as  I can remember. I had a hard time because of this in history classes in high school, so much so that I told myself that I hated history. In fact it bored me, and I just couldn't relate to it. It didn't make sense to me. It wasn't until college where I was able to form my own curriculum that I gained an appreciation and love of history. When I moved to Washington, it became vital that I informed myself on all things government related, just to get through the day.

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