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The Reason Why I Will Be Watching ANTM Again

Imagine my surprise when I found myself not only on the couch last night with the tv on, but tuned into Vh1 and not the usual CNN. I’ll be honest, I was trying to catch some of the tea from LHH Miami. I have basically been on a reality tv sabbatical since 2013 with no intentions of returning. But alas, there I was. Only able to catch the last few minutes, almost serendipitously America’s Next Top Model was on my screen. Immediately, I was taken back to the time where I couldn’t wait for the next episode of ANTM. Drawn in by the impeccable filming and editing, I got comfortable. 

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Reasons Why You Need to Watch 'Marlon'

Alongside other Washington, D.C. based media outlets, I was given the chance to preview the show as well attend the exclusive dinner and premier of the show with Marlon Wayans himself. His positive energy was only outmatched by his famous sense of humor and his graciousness.

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