Black Excellence, Opulence

Michelle Sasha at The 2016 Black Alumni Ball, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Arlington, VA

Michelle Sasha at The 2016 Black Alumni Ball, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Arlington, VA

My friends and I had the pleasure of attending Black Alumni Networking Expo's Black Alumni Ball, and it was lit! As a cusp millennial, I often wonder whether or not it is appropriate to use such terms as "lit" and "turnt", but I digress. 

The ball was held at the Hyatt Regency in Arlington, VA. On the hottest day of the summer, the preparations began. While we checked into the hotel, did our hair and makeup, and enjoyed our private "party", the conference space was transformed into a night to remember. As the guest descended upon the hotel, we were amazed by the organization, the details and the people. Mostly an urban millennial crowd, the energy was dynamic. It was a fashion extravaganza!

Some of my favorite looks included this gown created specifically for the event by VANN:

Photo via Instagram  @vanncollections  

Photo via Instagram @vanncollections 

I also particularly enjoyed these menswear looks by Instagram users @jmtailored and @carsonbyrdotcom (an organizer of the event):

Photo via Instagram:  @jmtailored  

Photo via Instagram: @jmtailored 

And what's a party without the music! The live band (Johnny Graham & The Groove) was a standout for me. But once the DJ's (Izzy the DJ and DJ Chubbeseag) started spinning, it was a whole 'nother level. You could tell that they all have put many hours into their craft and are reaping the benefits. Even in our finest attire, we still find a way to dance and sweat and still look good. I even spotted author and heart healer Rob Hill, Sr. If you haven't checked out his latest project Eden , check it out here

For me, this was the party of Summer 16 (so far). I look forward to future events from this team, and I can't wait for next years BAN Expo.