Hello, Caterpillar

We often hear about the struggle the butterfly makes to release itself from its cocoon and its philosophical comparison to our lives. There he builds his strength and grows his wings. If you've never heard such a tale, author Paulo Coelho's (The Alchemist, among others) version is beautiful, while artist/rapper Kendrick Lamar dissects it in a way only he can at the closing of his Grammy award winning album To Pimp A Butterfly, Mortal Man

One summer evening I sat and watched a caterpillar spin it's cocoon. It was nothing like I had ever seen before and I thought about how much I could relate to this scene. I couldn't remove myself from feeling that I, knowing that one day will emerge as a butterfly, still had a long way to go. The part of my journey that seemed it's most difficult-laboriously spinning this cocoon-was only just the beginning. As I watched, the caterpillar and I both knew that there would be a time where we would prepare to emerge. 

This lead me to think about how we wrestle with life and the decisions we've made. Spinning the cocoon with all the experience you currently possess, you simply struggle and persist in an almost innate way. When you let nature guide you, you spin and spin towards your destination: a consequence of following your path. Maybe the caterpillar doesn't even know the difficulty ahead, maybe he does. We must hope that our cocoons have been spun, and we are now just strengthening our wings. Believe the journeys first leg is now complete.

The bad news: you've spun your cocoon, and this is the calm before the storm.

The good news: once the storm passes, you'll be a beautiful butterfly this time.


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