4 Ways to Start the Process Toward Rediscovery

4 Way to Start the Process Toward Self Rediscovery  

Photo Via  Unsplash  

Photo Via Unsplash 

When I started this blog, I grappled with who I was going to focus on (my target market) and what I would talk about and all the things that go into a successful brand. I decided to just focus on speaking to someone who may be somewhat just like me, and I finally had the "guts" to start plugging away at this thing called blogging.

One of the "niches" I mulled over was the topic of self-rediscovery. There are so many articles and resources out there for self-discovery that it almost felt redundant. But the idea of rediscovery, or the process of redefining yourself after already having "lived some life" is a little different. Here I am, 30+ a recently divorced mother, and I'm just starting to figure it out. I think as a Cusp Millennial, you've either figured it all out or still have no idea what you are doing. I also think that this age is a time where we are more willing to live in our truth, discover new facets of ourselves, and to care a little less about the perceptions of others. That's why it is vital for the Cusp Millennial to really embark on the journey of what really makes them happy, if they haven't done so already.

Below are 4 things you can do to start the process of rediscovery.

Take a Personality Test like Myers Briggs

Myers Briggs image Via  Nef Chronicles  

Myers Briggs image Via Nef Chronicles 

I won't go into detail as to what my personality type tends to be, as many think that these test are subjective and easily manipulated. I am one to think that any "test" or "quiz" that you see online is easily manipulated, but if you spend as much time as I have taking these tests (whether on the personal discovery level or for various job applications), you will tend to get a similar result. And the more you understand your own personality, the more you will understand your true self and the easier it becomes to understand some of the traits of others. You may even learn so much that you can easily "type" other people you meet--this can be highly advantageous in the friend making and dating arena. Instead of spending days, months if not years with someone who may have a personality that is totally incompatible with your own, learn how to spot the traits that are congruent with your own personality. After you spend time doing this, the traits that just aren't compatible with your own could be what helps you decide whether or not to keep certain people in your life. And since you know more about yourself, you may even be a little less hard on yourself. Take a long form test like MBTI and to learn more about yourself and others by checking out sites like Personality Café and 16Personalities.


Learn to Meditate

David Lynch on Meditation

David Lynch on Meditation

Now I am no meditation guru (I actually tend to fall asleep more than I reach ohm), but I constantly hear and read about the benefits of meditation for health and stress management.  I've tried on my own, I've tried with the aid of a meditation challenge, but the only true times I've felt even close to a meditative state is during bikram yoga. Maybe I'm just like the little girl I was when I was 5 who couldn't sit still long enough to tap into my musical inclinations. I need to be active in order to feel relaxed. Dancing, singing, cleaning: all of these activities help me find a zen-space that I yearn for. So maybe traditional forms of meditation aren't for everyone. Even the self described yogi and meditation author Russell Simmons has said himself that even "hip-hop is a form of meditation."

Via twiter.com/unclerush

Via twiter.com/unclerush

To get started, check out Deepak Chopra's guided meditations on his website 


Tap Into a Higher Power

Photo via  Unsplash  

Photo via Unsplash 

Whether it's organized religion or abstract thoughts about the universe, I believe that realizing there is something out there much bigger than ourselves and our current circumstances is a necessary and humbling exercise we should all participate in. I was baptized and confirmed 2 and a half years ago, and while I have guilt that I am not as devout and focused as I used to be, I know that I will always have that relationship to rely on. I am also grateful to have had my own spiritual awakening and am just as grateful to know that my way is not the only way. So, maybe organized religion works for you. Maybe you'd rather be spiritual and mystical (I personally enjoy a mix of the two), but find that connection to the "higher power" or "Most High". This isn't meant to be a lecture in the least; its more of my reflection over my lifetime and the things that have worked for me and what I've seen it do for others. Take it or leave it--I'm not a preacher.

Exercise or Start a New Hobby

Runners via  Unsplash   

Runners via Unsplash  

I am not the best about exercise, so I probably shouldn't even go there. However, there are studies about the positive effects of exercise that I'm sure you've all heard about before. From experience, I know that routine exercise and movement makes me feel much better about myself and life in general. Check in on me in a few weeks to see if I actually start using the FitBit I got as a birthday gift. 

Healthy hobbies are great, too. Anything from writing to knitting, a new hobby can be a way to turn on a new "switch" in your brain that may take you places you never imagined. When I started writing again, I never thought I would have self-published my first book much less start a blog that I feel compelled to keep up with, but here I am. So start with a list. Maybe jot down the things you thought, as a kid, you'd do as a grown-up and tailor those activities to your life now. If you thought you'd become an actor, why not try an acting class? Always thought you'd be a singer? Check out YouTube for singing techniques and tutorials. As a Cusp Millennial, we benefit from not having had our whole lives dictated by the internet. Now we can actually use it for our own self-improvement and empowerment rather than our self-destruction, which we see happen far too often with the younger generation. Pray for them, y'all.

Essentially, rediscovery is a place where you are open to your true desires and wishes as opposed to trying to fit in with the crowd or go along with what your significant other might like. Rediscovery is all about YOU, and now is the time for self-care and self love.