Mercury Retrograde

“As above, so too below.”

Still underestimated, every mistake a lesson/ Mercury retrograde, so if that planet spin backwards/Up in the heavens maybe It's effectin' back on n***** who don't be reppin' lately - Nas “Nas Album Done”

What does “Mercury in retrograde” even mean? When I even begin to think about astrology, I head to world-renowned astrologer #SusanMiller ( Here’s are some points I pulled from her article on Mercury retrograde:


What is Mercury Retrograde?

We experience a #MercuryRetrograde period when Mercury speeds past Earth in its orbit around the sun. This happens three or four times a year. And it’s not that Mercury is actually spinning backwards, it’s really just an optical illusion. #Mercury is the ruler of all types of #communication, from verbal and written communications to even code. So anything to do with communications like launching a new publication, signing contracts, even starting a job during this time can lead to changes and/or complications.

Miscommunication or Mercury?

Now I’m wondering how many times I’ve had miscommunication with someone during a Mercury retrograde. As a #Virgo, I am “ruled” by Mercury. Maybe this affects me more than most because of this aspect AND because writing is my communication mode of choice? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Not my computer, too

She also talks about this period being particularly bad for computers and electronic devises. Would you believe that I had to buy a new computer last year because something spilled all over my last laptop? Well, it happened. Advice: back your sh*t up!


Uh, I forgot?

We also can be a little more forgetful during this time, which may exacerbate problems with communication. Keep an eye on your stuff, and take extra care to stop, slow down and do some more thinking during this time. I also read somewhere that ex’s pop back up during this period, whether just in thought or in real life. Nobody has time for that! #Blocked 🙅🏾‍♀️

Slow it down

All in all, it’s a reminder to slow down, cross your I’s and dot your T’s, and be vigilant in choosing your words and actions wisely. I know a lot of folks don’t believe in this “stuff”, but the universe is always doing what it does whether you believe in it or not.

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