Missy says "I'm Better" with New Track and Video

New video alert: "I'm Better" 


If you know me at all, then you know how much I love Missy! I will never forget the first time I heard her, the first time I bumped her in my car, and how much I've marveled at her creativity, talent and ability to transform in front of our eyes.  

And it's not like she's "back": she's been making her presence felt ever since her infamous Super Bowl performance. So here she is again, in all her glory with "I'm Back" ft. Lamb. Visually as intricate and interesting as the beat, Missy Elliott does not disappoint with her true-to-form choreography and visual surprises. Let's just hope an album is on the way from the VA native.

Man I'm 3000, I'm André/Yo Missy talk big, I'm so grande/Bruce Lee on the beat, I don't compete with none of these geeks/I just rant like I'm Kanye

Check it out below: