Poetry Corner: In Memoriam

Poetry Corner: In Memoriam

I wrote this poem 2 years ago. I never felt it was shareable before today. I am sharing now on the 15th anniversary of the attacks because as a Cusp Millennial, we all remember that day. We know where we were, we remember how we felt. The pain is still so familiar. And while I was fortunate that I didn't lose anyone close to me, so many others did, whether during the attacks or during the subsequent war.  Essentially, I am still at a loss for words.

Via  Instagram   

Via Instagram  

I was in class 15 years ago today

No one stopped us, no one said, hey

Our nation is under attack, when I look back

It was probably best. Economics class

It was a sunny day as I walked the usual path

Eerily quiet, but I couldn't add the math

When I walked into McElroy I saw the TV

I watched and thought it couldn't be, must be a movie

But I looked around, and I saw the tears

And as I read the ticker, I could feel my fears

Couldn't console, didn't know what to do

So I walked back to my dorm room

The second time I could say the day turned gray

As the color left, grief and panic found it's way

Into my soul and heart as I kept my eyes glued

To the screen in my room to get all the news

Information so jumbled, I prayed for my friends

And my family, too, hoping lives wouldn't end

But so many innocent people lost their lives that day

What a sad, sad way

To begin a new awareness of the dangers of the world

Our bubble of a country was burst and hurled

Into the abyss of freedom, school locked down

How could one of the planes have come from this town?

I cried, and I cried, and I cried some more

But I was thankful to not have lost anymore

People in my life, but some friends I knew did

The irony of it all, we were some of the first that did

We had to fly out for a football game shortly after

One of the first flights out of Logan, after this disaster

A friend need a qualud to fly over her city

No one else on the plane, a pilot with no dignity

Told us to look now to see ground zero

From the plane you could see the smoke of those heroes

Whose lives perished in such an astonishing act

But they thought the game would brighten the spirits of those that lacked

A way to explain what happened that day

The game must go on, so we put on smiles anyway

To cheer up the sailors, officers and vets

Navy vs. Eagles, doubt any placed bets

That day, snipers perched all around the field

Something I'll never forget although it didn't feel real

So today I pray for the strength of those

Who were less fortunate than I, losing people so close

To their hearts and minds, all are heroes

What we could have done differently, nobody knows