Playlist: Figure It Out


Let's be honest, we all get a little down on ourselves sometimes: whether it be we are losing motivation or feeling bad about something in our lives, it happens. We also all have our own ways of pulling ourselves out of the self-inflicted rut: be it exercise, meditation, prayer or good food, everyone has a way to stop and realign ourselves to our greater mission. 

For me, music does this. Music is my medicine and my meditation. I don't always have the words to describe how I am feeling or how I want to feel, but I can always find a lyric or a melody or a bridge that perfectly encapsulates what I'm feeling.

I want to start sharing playlists with you guys: they might be random or funny or even empowering, but they will almost always have a theme. This week I wanted to share my playlist that really help get me out of the rut I had been in. I titled it "Figure It Out" because that's exactly what I needed to do at the time I created this: figure it out.  I don't know why, but it boosts me up when I'm in the car or in the kitchen cooking dinner. The power of music! Feel free to give it a spin. It's constantly evolving as I feel inspired, so there's that.

Tidal offers a free 30-day trial if you haven't already tried it. Enjoy!  

What types of playlists do you want me to create? Any requests? Let me know in the comments!