Quickie: Horoscopes

Image Via  Felix Plakolb

Image Via Felix Plakolb

I just wanted to throw out a quick post about horoscopes. As some of you may know, I was baptized and confirmed nearly three years ago for the first time. It was certainly a powerful experience steeped in scripture, meditation and learning to forgive not only those around me that I felt had done me wrong, but also to learn to forgive myself. That was the hardest concept of all: God is forgiving me of all my sins, but I still can't forgive myself? Serious turning point in my life.  

During this time, I was desperately trying to find my true self again, and some of the ways I did this I detailed in a previous post on Self "Rediscovery". What I didn't mention was that I LOVE astrology! I am not an expert by any means, but I find that when you delve deeper, a lot it actually makes sense. I had to come to terms with this aspect in regards to my faith, but being a graduate of a Jesuit institution (GO BC!), I had a sense that it was okay to take everything I can from this place we call the universe to fuel my understanding of my faith. 

Astronomy is the scientific study of the stars and planets and their movements. Astrology is the pseudoscientific study of the influence those heavenly bodies and their movements have on humankind. - Astrology Weekly

I say all that to say it is a personal decision what tools you use to navigate your own path, but part of the purpose of this space (no pun intended) was for me to share what I like and what works for me. Below you'll find some of my favorite resources in regards to astrology.



Astrology Zone by Susan Miller

If you are a close friend of mine, then I've probably sent you your horoscope from Susan Miller at some point.  I've been following Susan from before I can remember, since the early days of the Internet, and she has such a wealth of knowledge. she actually has a degree in Astrology (which is interesting in and of itself), and if you follow her enough, you'll begin to understand more about how the universe works and their potential effect on is mere mortals.

Susan says astrology is the study of mathematical cycles and has nothing to do with her being psychic (she claims she is not). Susan also emphasizes that astrology is not the art of predestination, for each of us has free will. Says Susan, “The choice of whether to take advantage of an opportunity or let it go will always be up to you.” - Via Astrology Zone

She religiously gives us detailed and lengthy posts each month, regardless of how she is feeling.  You can tell that not only does she love what she is doing, she is thinking about her readers first and foremost.  Go ahead, go to  AstrologyZone.com to catch up on your monthly horoscope.  You can also download her app and receive daily horoscopes and access to many other articles and resources.  Follow her on Twitter @astrologyzone.

A Brief history of Astrology

Here you will find that as far back as our ancestors, the Ancient Egyptians, astrology has been seen as an invaluable tool.  In my opinion, why not take heed of everything that those before us learned (before the internet, before mass education, people needed a way to understand and navigate their world).  Read this article if you want to learn a little more about the history of astrology.

Natal Birth chart

So many of you know your sun sign, but did  you know that your moon sign is just as important to read and understand? Don't know how to figure out you astrological chart?  Call your momma and ask her for the exact time and place you were born, go to Natal Chart Report, input the information, and be amazed at what you didn't know about your personal astrology.  When I discovered this, it was a game changer for me.  I felt like it read me like a book, to the tiniest of details.  Once you know where you align in the sky, you can take this information and research more about yourself and your personal and exact astrological sign(s).  Follow the link here, and if you need help (it's a little weird to look at at first) holla at me, I'd love to help.

Mystic Lipstick

Oh, how I love twitter now.  Sometimes before I consult Google, I hit the search in Twitter.  I highly advise anyone that isn't on Twitter, get on it, but beware of the trolls and the negativity, because there is a lot of it on there, you just need to know how to weed through the junk.  This leads me to my most recent discovery.  Danielle Ayoka (@MysticxLipstic) is young, vibrant, hilarious, and experienced astrologer.  Her approach to astrology is, on one hand, comical and youthful, yet on the other hand, she is detailed and well versed on all things astrology.  As mentioned before, I am no expert, so I am always up to learn something new about it.  Mystic Lipstick doles out her information in an approachable and millennial friendly way.  She also provides information on energetic cleansing and moon rituals that are all meant to clear you spirit and prepare your energy for manifestations for your hightest good.  I follow her on Twitter (@mysticxlipstic), but she also has a website MysticLypstic.net.  

Here is an example of why I love her:

That is all.  I hope you enjoy astrology a little more than you did before, and maybe get a greater appreciation of all the ways we can use the universe to our advantage!

Let me know if you learned anything new in the comments below. 


^UPDATE* I'm conflicted in some ways about this post for the simple reason that I don''t promote astrology or anything of that matter as an end all be all of figuring out life. I'm all about "we're all just trying to figure it out" and that sort of mentality, So, first off, this is not the only way I interpret the world and understand life, and secondly, because of some of my already expressed views and values, I certainly don't mean that this is "the way" on how to figure things out. I believe that we all have a path, and that certain things will help predict your success in that path, and astrology isn't definitively one of them. It's mostly for fun and not to be taken religiously or seriously, but I also understand it's intrigue.  I believe that science is our human understanding of the complexities of God.