Reasons Why You Need to Watch 'Marlon'

Reasons Why You Need to Watch 'Marlon'

Originally posted on 8/23/17

In what feels like a refurbished mash-up of the best of 90's Black television, Marlon is a sitcom that focuses on a divorced couple, their two children, and how they navigate a co-parenting lifestyle. Perhaps Marlon is a nod to "conscious uncoupling" with a dash of co-dependency mixed with the effects of coming of age. This unique take on what it means to be divorced while co-parenting is bright, aspirational and entertaining.


Photo courtesy of Alecia Renece Photography @aleciarenece

Photo courtesy of Alecia Renece Photography @aleciarenece

The series stars Marlon Wayans (“In Living Color,” “Scary Movie”), Essence Atkins, Notlim Taylor, Amir O'Neil, Bresha Webb and Diallo Riddle. Loosely based off of his own life, Christopher Moynihan joins Marlon as a writer and executive producer. Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez, Michael Rotenberg and director Andy Ackerman also executive produce.

Alongside other Washington, D.C. based media outlets, I was given the chance to preview the show as well attend the exclusive dinner and premier of the show with Marlon Wayans himself. His positive energy was only outmatched by his famous sense of humor and his graciousness. The fact that while on the road promoting this show and his new movie "Naked" on Netflix while simultaneously juggling stand-up shows is a lot. But allowing us to join him as his secondary "family" for the night to watch the premiere episodes was humbling, to say the least.


I know I'll be watching, but if you need some convincing, here are 6 reasons to watch Marlon:

Because it is a positive reflection of the black experience

Loosely based on his own life, Marlon focuses on love, communication, effective parenting, and upward mobility. Each show deals with real-life ish in a humorous and insightful way. You are left with a feeling that injecting a little more joy and humor into to your own daily life can get you through anything, even divorce.

Because we need a new representation of what life after divorce can look like

Though divorce is often portrayed as a negative and nasty experience, this show flips that idea on its head. It reminds us that one of the most important aspects in raising kids is to show them how to effectively communicate, married or divorced. It also shows that kids need both parents in their life, by all means necessary.

Because it dodges the typical stereotypes while also embracing the culture

Be honest, the positive black image is often hard to find on television. From Love and Hip Hop to Baller Wives, the term ratchet has now entered the public lexicon. While this is not your typical family, they are still unapologetically black in their reactions, ideals and passions. From references to hip-hop to clapping back at bullies to Dru Hill, Marlon finds the balance between fully embracing your blackness in all forms and respectably.



Because it's hilarious and slightly cheesy

I mean, come on, it is a family sitcom after all. Sometimes the jokes are like a really good kids movie where if you are under the age of 13, you might laugh but you definitely don't get it. The cheese factor is just enough to remind you that not everything in life is meant to be taken so seriously--it gives you the chance to "lighten up." Or maybe you just miss Martin and Pam's on-screen relationship, they got you, too.

Because it's Marlon Wayans

If you are reading this, then I'm sure you've at least heard of In Living Color. That show was a staple in my home for its entire network television run and far after. AND the number of times I've seen White Chicks memes is just a testament to the staying power of the Wayans Family. As Marlon steps into his own light, you see how well he's honed his comedic and acting skills over the decades. An extremely physical actor, Marlon expertly utilizes this ability in his previous work and in this show, as well. Prepare yourselves.

Because in light of recent events, we need this now more than ever

From the recent events in Charlottesville to the seemingly "overnight" up-rise of white supremacy, we can ALL use a good laugh. Incidentally, the show's timing couldn't be better and feels almost serendipitous. When I asked whether or not he was intentional in portraying a positive image amidst the barrage of bad news, Marlon dropped some gems in this video:


So what are you waiting for? The least we can do is support positive black images on network television and a man who has given us so much joy over the years. Tune in to NBC (or set your DVR) for Wednesday nights at 9 pm & 9:30 pm to get your weekly dose of the funnies.

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