T-Pain x Lil Wayne: TWayne

Via soundcloud.com

Via soundcloud.com

I've been quiet for good reason: I've been sitting here patiently waiting for something good to write about. 

Well, here it is: the "highly anticipated" release of the collaborative album by home state hero (Florida) T-Pain and Louisiana's own Lil Wayne entitled "TWayne". Apparently this collab has been teased since my haydays, 2009 to be exact, but at the time, I was more concerned with size charts, fitting rooms and color coded closets (I used to manage retail at 12+ hour days, so forgive me).

When I did have time to enjoy myself, T-Pain was an easy go to. Buy You A Drink and Bartender still make me feel like a young tenderony, so I am grateful, to say the least, for this new collab. It was also around that time where I slowly became diallusioned with hip-hop and music in general. So, unlike most, I am thankful they held this one in the bag. I can simultaneously dive deep into nostalgia and do my old lady, cusp millennial bop at the SAME. DAMN. TIME. 

At 8 tracks, it is the perfect length to vibe to on your way to that happy hour or the summer barbecue. And heck, maybe you're like me and don't need a special event to relive your past. Put this on with one earbud in while you make dinner for the family. You'll thank me later.